Vinci Consulting

Consulting case study

Industry: Logistics energy utilization

Initial situation

Cost structure, organization and logistics chains were to be examined for efficiency.

The company management wanted independent advice on optimization potential.


As-is analysis with a side-by-side approach

  • Interviews with employees and managers
  • Interviews with the service providers
  • Evaluation of the production facilities, machines and vehicles
  • Examination of logistics routes
  • Examination of financing options


A number of challenges emerged during the survey, which were examined for feasibility in consultation with the company management.

This resulted in both “immediate measures” and “make or buy decisions”.

Excerpts from the optimization measures

  • Conversion of the office organization
    • Clear assignment of roles
    • Adjusted working hours


Increase in time efficiency = 12 hours/week for 6 employees

  • Coaching of managers
  • Involvement of employees
  • Renewal of vehicle fleet
    • Development of new trailers (lowerable, special holding devices)
    • Optimization of delivery and collection routes


Savings of over 1,500,000 KM routes (approx. 9%) per year

Reduction of “fines” by 60%

Order capacity increased by 6% in the 1st year

Increased employee satisfaction

Recruitment of additional employees made possible

  • Development of waste recycling for various materials
    • Increase in turnover through sale of the same


Turnover increased by 12.5% in the 1st year

  • Development and introduction of a customized solution for employee and vehicle planning


Idle times and journeys reduced by 8%

  • Streamlined payment methods for customers, with incentive systems


Liquidity level and circulation optimized

These measures are excerpts from the overall plan. If you have any questions about your challenges, I look forward to hearing from you.